editing platform

Plug it and customize!

MixerFactory provides a customizable, online video editing platform that you can plug into your application.

Clients can customize pre-defined sets of multi-track and storyboard interfaces along with other modules, and integrate to existing workflows. They can also build their own interface and use the MixerFactory video rendering system as a backend. Our platform can be easily integrated for existing workflows as a cloud-based or on-premise solution. MixerFactory is the only online video editing solution on the market today that can be hosted behind the Firewall.

a natural choice for our customers

Easy integration with websites and products

Whether you intend to include online video editing on your website, Enterprise Intranet or offer a UGC service as a value-add for device consumers, MixerFactory can help your business implement a wide range of projects.

MixerFactory powers branded Online Video Editing related workflows and applications for Online Video Platforms, OEMs, websites, media agencies and enterprises worldwide. Simple APIs are provided for easy integration with websites and products. Here are some reasons that MixerFactory is a natural choice for our customers:

Simple &
developer-friendly API

Back Office module for user & profile Management

Integration with
third party platforms

Custom development
& solid support



We invest significantly in cutting-edge research and regularly add features to deliver the best online video editing experience. MixerFactory takes pride in the technical team that develops our innovations. In addition, the MixerFactory Labs program constantly improves our solution, with real users actively participating and providing feedback.