Online Video Editing Solutions
Online Video Editing Solutions
Online Video Editing Solutions



MixerFactory provides workflow-integrated, branded Online Video Editing solutions to businesses around the world. Below are some details of how our solutions are used by major customer segments.

Do you have requirements outside of the categories below? Additional questions? Simply get in touch using the Contact form above and we will contact you. Chances are, we already have what you are looking for. If not, our Professional Services Group will be glad to work with you and engineer a tailor-made solution for that special project.


Whether publishing videos on their sites, or running a User Generated Content portal, Online Video Platforms (OVPs) today are the first choice for businesses looking to benefit from Video. MixerFactory seamlessly integrates with most leading OVPs. This results in a smooth, end-to-end online video workflow from content ingestion and editing to publishing. Our industry-leading partners include Brightcove, Kaltura, JW Player and thePlatform. If you are an OVP looking for integrated online video editing, or an OVP customer looking for this feature, our solutions are the answer.


Manufacturers of digital entertainment products and portable consumer devices can use Online Video Editing as a value-added service pre-installed on the hardware or available as a download. With branded solutions from MixerFactory, such a service can be integrated to the user’s device experience, often from a single click within the home screen. Going beyond this, our technology can be embedded into devices and mobile applications produced using our automatic Video Rendering API. Please contact us to receive more information on OEM integration opportunities.


Enterprise YouTube, Enterprise CMS, Employee Generated Content etc are common in today’s global businesses. With our Enterprise solutions, companies of all sizes can integrate Collaborative Online Video Editing with their existing or planned video portals. Be it for training, support or marketing, our solutions work with most leading systems and can be fully customized. Combined with ease of use, the possibility of on-premise setup and special licensing options, MixerFactory is a natural choice for Enterprises.

Media & Marketing Agencies

Have a fan contest in mind? Consumer product launches or film / music album promotions? Over the years, MixerFactory has been used by agencies and brands around the world for a variety of projects. With the ability to create your own user experience and connect to our backend for video rendering, creative possibilities abound.

Online services and Websites

Cloud storage, video sharing, web hosting and social networking services can easily integrate Cloud Video Editing to provide an engaging experience and generate increased revenues. Our Back Office module can manage users, features and levels. This means you can provide tiered plans to consumers and align pricing with your online service.


Universities, colleges and schools are increasingly adopting online video. Campus portals which allow students and teachers to work together on video projects increase learning efficiency. MixerFactory provides standard integration and special pricing for education projects. E-learning and long distance education is another area that has many applications for Online Video Editing. See how students across schools in Denmark benefit from our solution.