Online Video Editing API for Developers
Online Video Editing API for Developers
Online Video Editing API for Developers


Developers, create your own Online Video Editing experience and leave the heavy lifting to MixerFactory backend module.

Cloud Video Rendering API

Our Cloud Video Rendering API (Render API : http://www.api-video.com/) takes medias including videos, images and music with a video structure description in XML as input and sends generated videos in return. It uses our Cloud Video Rendering Engine for fast, scalable video generation.


This allows developers and system integrators to create a host of new video editing services by developing their own interfaces and using the powerful MixerFactory technology on the backend to generate videos. It opens up exciting possibilities for business and consumer applications given the rapidly growing online video and cloud adoption by individual users and enterprises.

Build for web or mobile, and use our API for fast and scalable video generation – Real estate videos, product catalogs, e-learning, tourism videos…the possibilities are endless.

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Next Steps

Want more information? Download the Datasheet here.

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