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MixerFactory is a pioneer and innovator in Cloud Video Editing with its cutting-edge technology. MixerFactory provides a customizable, scalable Online Video Editing platform with products and services easily built around it using its HD video rendering technology. It is the only solution in the market today that also allows hosting behind the Firewall.

Clients can customize pre-formatted white-labeled multi-track or storyboard interfaces, and integrate it into their existing workflow. They can also build a custom interface or application and use the HD video rendering technology in the backend. End users benefit from rich media solutions for the Internet, Mobile, and Tablet devices.

MixerFactory provides branded online video editing services to OVPs, OEMs, educational institutions, websites, media agencies and enterprises around the world. Its platform enables maximum proliferation and monetization of video editing in the Cloud. Headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France, it has offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto and Tokyo with more coming up.

  • MAY 2015 > Exciting product news!

    Q3-2015 : The Cloud Video Rendering API will become a self-service solution and our flagship Online Video Editor will be available in a low-volume, quick-setup, starter package.

    And later this year, MixerFactory will provide a project & metadata export module to exports video projects to professional video editing software – this will revolutionize prosumer-professional interaction.

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About us